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QOL [Feature Request] Bypass cooking process when selecting Settings


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Please please please either give us the option to "Continue without cooking" or make the Settings available without needing to cook.

It's quite frustrating when you just wish to either check a setting or tick/untick something (that bears no relation to the cooked assets) only to have to wait for the cooking process first.

My last cook with all Routes unticked (trying to make it quicker but didn't work lol)...


This was just to untick "Show FPS Counter" in Vulkan


If you alter a shader setting it recooks anyway (which makes perfect sense, but doesn't make sense that you had to cook it prior to changing anything).


Thanks a million. 🙂


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That would be a good thing to have yes. Added it on my todolist. July and August will be mostly calm in terms of updates while i'm working on the foundations of scripting/modding system. Bigger updates will resume in September. But I might add this before that 🙂  

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