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Update is available !

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Update is now available !

This update is adding more fixes and stabilization improvements to RW Enhancer 2.

A lot of improvements and fixes has been done to the station names generation algorithm. Because of those improvements, the various PIS systems should have less struggle to pronounce some station names (especially for UK). More improvements and fixes for station names are coming in the future (for UK and other countries).

If you would like to know more about how the station names generation algorithm works you can read this post: https://www.rwcentral.com/topic/2336-future-enhancements/#comment-27600

The next update should bring some realism improvements to the German PIS systems. 

Thank you for your continued support and see you soon ! 



- Removed Silverlining 3D sky related enhancements as this is now being improved in the core game itself (in Train Simulator beta branch at the current time) 
- UI core optimizations and fixes
- Improved content explorer routes stations list layout
- Station name generation algorithm improvements and optimizations
- Fixed several PIS station name mispronunciation issues (Junction, Street/Saint...)
- Fixed a rare HUD rendering crash
- Core systems improvements, optimizations and fixes


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