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Update is available !

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Update is now available ! (finally) 

I had to change my computer hardware and redo all my softwares setup/configuration from scratch and that's not been without issues. Now everything is solved and i'm back at work. Sorry for this long delay.

This update is a maintenance update to ensure that most important third party libs used are up to date with latest stability and bug fixes updates.

Now I have some plans to improve the cooking process and make it a bit faster in future updates. Right now the multithreading capabilities of the content cooking process is limited to 16 threads. Recent CPU's usually have more CPU cores available so I want to upgrade the content cooking system to make usage of all CPU core available on the system.

This kind of performance improvements/stability work is important before moving to new features implementation.

See you soon for another update 😉 



- Vulkan renderer improvements and fixes
- Network communication system improvements and fixes
- Updated SSL protocol from 1.1.x version to 3.x version
- Input handling improvements and fixes
- Display/Window hardware compatibility fixes
- UI internal optimizations and fixes
- Images loading/resizing optimizations
- Core systems improvements, optimizations and fixes


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Sounds great - looking foward to it!

Sadly, I cannot get this to download more that 4% stating a server error.   Just letting you know in case you were not aware?

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Hello, après avoir installé le dernier update, à chaque fois que je clique dans la rubrique shader sur une aide "?" correspondant à une option, RWe2 crash to desktop (RW Enhancer 2 has stopped working).

Avant le update tout fonctionnait parfaitement.


Richard Portier.

Hello, after installing the latest update, every time I click in the shader section on a help "?",  RWe2 crash to desktop (RW Enhancer 2 has stopped working).

Before the update everything worked perfectly.

Thanks a lot,

Richard Portier

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