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RWE2 without cooking - adding it as an option - a polite request to authors


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Dear RWE2 authors,


RWE Pro and RWE2 are both great tools. Big thanks for doing such a great development job!

What I would appreciate is not to force cooking assets after any even smallest change in asset. My TS folder has roughly 800GB and cooking (even having good gaming machine - i7-10870H 16 cores, 32GB RAM) takes more than one hour after any change in an activity, adding one skin or so.

I use RWE for working with QD consist where it is extremely helpful tool but waiting for 60+ minutes for launch is an unbearable effort. It disqualifies the RWE2 from being a handy tool.

Thus, I would propose to add an option to run RWE2 also without cooking only with the current database. It would enable to work with QD consists immediately. When I would add or change an asset I could run cooking later or in time when I do something different on my computer.


Would it be possible? 

Or is it possible and I missed it? Then sorry for a post.





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Content cooking is required for RWE 2 but this process can be optimized more. Next batch of updates will bring more optimizations to the cooking system: 

- Memory footprint improvements
- Better multithreading usage
- Various optimizations

@Ladislav I might contact you soon by private message to get more information about your cooking process. 

While optimization updates are being developed, I strongly recommend to add a strong exclusion rule in your anti-virus software for both RWE 2 install directory and TS install directory. This can prevent the anti-virus to scan TS/RWE2 files each time RWE 2 cooking process is trying to read a file. This can save quite some time.


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